Learn Why It’s Crucial To See An Eye Doctor Regularly For Eye Checkups

17 December 2020
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One of the senses that many people take for granted is eyesight. Few people think that their sight could be getting worse until they start seeing blurry things. Most people also rarely follow the instructions they are given by the eye doctor or finish their medication unless there is a severe threat to their sight.  If you want to have accurate and healthy eyesight for many years, you have to make the eye doctor your friend. Read More 

What Happens At An Eye Exam

21 August 2020
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If you have scheduled an eye exam and are unfamiliar with the process, or just want a refresher, then this guide is for you. An eye exam consists of testing your eyes as to their overall function, meeting the optometrist or opthalmologist, and receiving treatment (if needed) for whatever effects your eyes.  A Few Tests When you go into the clinic for your eye exam, you will undergo a series of tests to test the ability of your eye to function. Read More 

Protecting Your Eyes From Damage: What You Can Do

12 May 2020
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Your eyes are an organ of the body that provides you with a special gift — the gift of sight. If this organ isn't working properly or stops working altogether, consider what you would miss out on seeing. Your vision is very important, but most people don't do what they should be doing to protect their eyes and their vision. To prevent damage to your eyes, read on for some helpful tips. Read More