Protecting Your Eyes From Damage: What You Can Do

12 May 2020
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Your eyes are an organ of the body that provides you with a special gift — the gift of sight. If this organ isn't working properly or stops working altogether, consider what you would miss out on seeing. Your vision is very important, but most people don't do what they should be doing to protect their eyes and their vision. To prevent damage to your eyes, read on for some helpful tips.

Protect Them From Sun Damage

The sun can do a lot of harm to the entire body, including the eyes. Some sun is good for your health and well-being, but too much can cause irreversible damage to your eyes and to your vision. Cancer from the sun can affect your eyes and the sensitive skin around your eyes as well. It can also cause eye strain and vision issues as well. To protect your eyes from the sun, you should wear sunglasses that have lenses that protect your eyes from UV-A and UV-B rays.

Protect Them From Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain is something that is more widely talked about as there is so much more technology at hand these days. From cell phones to tablets and televisions to computers, there's a lot of technology that is used on a daily basis. All of this extra technology can cause a problem for your vision in the form of digital eye strain. Staring at a screen can cause your eyes to dry out, as you don't blink as often as when you aren't looking at a screen. When your eyes dry out, it can lead to eye strain. The light from these devices can also cause eye strain and other vision problems. You need to be sure you take a break from these technology devices throughout the day as often as you can. A good rule of thumb is to look away from the screen at least every 20 minutes and give your eyes a 20-second break.

Protect Them From Injury

To protect them your eyes from injury, you should be sure you are wearing the proper type of eye protection when working with heavy equipment, operating any type of power tool, or when you are handling chemicals. You can end up with injuries if you don't protect your eyes by wearing protective eyewear.

If you aren't protecting your eyes, you could end up damaging your vision. Without your vision, imagine what you would miss out on. Make an appointment with your ophthalmologist if you are experiencing any vision issues.

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