Signs You Need To Visit An Optometrist

2 June 2022
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Eye doctors can diagnose and treat various eye problems to maintain good eye health. But, you may not detect eye problems easily. So, you may visit optometrists when it's too late. Therefore, when is the right time to see an optometrist? Here are the indicators.

Eye Strain and Pain

Healthy eyes normally function without pain or strain. Hence, if you experience sudden, painful episodes in your eyes or persistent pain, this indicates an issue. For instance, you may have an eye infection affecting different eye parts, resulting in eye strain and pain. Optometrists have the skills, experience, and equipment needed to perform a thorough eye exam to determine the cause of the eye pain and provide the right treatment.

Poor Vision

If your vision is deteriorating, you may experience difficulty seeing objects over long or short distances or reading small words. These are possible signs of far-sightedness or near-sightedness that your optometrist can help diagnose. Also, your eyes may be clouded, causing blurry vision. Eye cloudiness indicates cataract formation, whose treatment may include wearing eyeglasses or contacts or surgery. Fortunately, optometrists offer the appropriate treatment for every eye problem, improving your vision.

You've Never Had an Eye Exam

Optometrists recommend having a regular eye exam to assess your eye health. Thus, book an appointment with an eye doctor even if your eyes feel and look healthy, but you've never had an eye exam. This is especially important if you're an elderly adult since older adults are susceptible to eye issues. Optometrists carry out accurate eye exams to help identify potential eye diseases like glaucoma and contain them at their early stages.

Foreign Object Presence in the Eyes

Foreign objects like dust and debris may enter your eyes, but you can rinse your eyes with clean water to eliminate these foreign objects. However, if chemicals enter your eyes or large objects get lodged in the eye, you will need to see an optometrist. Generally, toxic chemicals may damage your eyes permanently. Also, forcefully removing debris from your eyes may cause damage to delicate parts such as the blood vessels and nerves. Optometrists have the right tools and eye cleaning products to neutralize the effects of the chemicals on your eyes and remove the debris safely.

The signs that you require optometrist services include poor vision, eye strain, and pain, the presence of foreign objects in the eyes, or you've never had an eye exam. Consider visiting optometrists when you see these signs.