Signs You Need An Eye Exam

7 September 2018
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There are many people who need to have their eyes examined, but they don't even know that or aren't bothered to do it. Here are some of the signs that mean you are one of those who needs to have their eyes examined.

Your Night Vision Is Not What It Used To Be

Vision problems rarely strike at once; they are usually gradual problems. For example, you may find yourself losing your peripheral vision or not seeing as well as you used to do in dimly lit areas. If you are a driver, you may find that you cannot read road signs up ahead until you get closer to them or the road markings may be harder to see.

You Have Been Diagnosed With an Ailment That Can Affect Your Eyes

There are ailments in some parts of the body that will end up affecting your eyes after some time. If you have been diagnosed with such an ailment, you need to have your eyes checked periodically to detect the eye-related effects as soon as they occur. For example, there is evidence that diabetes affects blood vessels in the light-sensitive parts of the eyes, and this can lead to vision loss if not checked. Therefore, you should have your eyes examined if you have been diagnosed with diabetes. 

You Are Having Frequent Headaches

There are many things that can give you regular headaches, and eye problems are some of them so you should get your eyes checked if you are suffering from unexplained eye problems. For example, eye problems that require you to squint to focus your vision can strain the muscles around your eyes, triggering headaches in that part of the head.

Your Eyes Have Become Too Sensitive To Light

Some people have photophobia, a condition in which the eyes are overly sensitive to light. If you have developed the condition, you may find that your eyes tingle o discharge some fluids when you are in the presence of bright or flickering light. Photophobia has multiple cases including eye problems such as retinal detachment and irritation caused by a contact lens. Therefore, schedule an eye exam if you are experiencing symptoms of photophobia.

You Get Frequent Eye Fatigue

Lastly, you should also consider getting your eyes examined if they are increasingly getting fatigued. Note that an eye fatigue of a few hours or a day may be normal if you are giving your eyes a lot of work, for example, if you stare at computers all day long. However, you should suspect an alternative cause of the fatigue if your eyes don't recover from fatigue fast enough or if your eyes feel tired even if you haven't overworked them.

For more information, contact your doctor about eye glasses.