Wearing Contact Lenses On A Camping Trip: 3 Ways To Avoid Discomfort And Irritation

2 March 2017
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Many people rely on prescription glasses or contact lenses on a daily basis. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 30 million Americans wear contact lenses on a regular basis. Contact lenses tend to be much more aesthetically pleasing and convenient than prescription glasses. If you're going on a camping trip soon, you might want to wear contact lenses when you go kayaking or hiking because there's less of a chance that they're going to fall off. To ensure that you'll be comfortable throughout the entire trip, consider the following 3 tips.

Bring Along Daily Disposables

Although you might be used to wearing weekly or monthly contact lenses, take daily disposable lenses with you when you go camping. This will allow you to avoid any unwanted buildup on the surface of your contact lenses that can cause irritation and discomfort. It's easy for the contact lenses to become dirty when you're hiking in the woods and constantly surrounded by dirt and dust particles, as well as pollen. With daily disposable lenses, you can throw them out by the end of each day for optimal comfort. You can also avoid having to wash the contact lenses every night.

Bring Tear Drops to Help Moisturize Your Eyes Throughout the Day

If you plan on getting as much outdoors as possible on your camping trip, you might be straining your eyes. As you can't easily remove and wash your contact lenses in the wild, bring along some tear drops, otherwise known as artificial tears. Keep your eyes moisturized constantly, so that your contact lenses won't cause you any trouble throughout the day.

Disinfect Your Hands with Alcohol Wipes Before Handling Your Contact Lenses

Your hands will likely be teeming with dirt, dust and bacteria by the end of the day when you go camping. It's simply unavoidable. You don't want to get any of that dirt, dust, or bacteria anywhere close to your eyes, so make sure that you disinfect your hands thoroughly before removing or putting on your contact lenses. Use alcohol wipes as they are able to eliminate and get rid of basically almost all of the germs on your hands. Make sure that the alcohol has thoroughly dried before you even put your hands and fingers anywhere near your eyes.


When camping outdoors, you likely won't have easy access to washroom facilities. With that in mind, cleaning your contact lenses and removing them can be difficult. To avoid irritating your eyes and allowing any bacteria to fester on the contact lenses, follow the 3 tips mentioned above.