Contact Lens Tips For New Patients

22 July 2021
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Many people need to wear corrective lenses, but they may not want to wear eyeglasses. Contact lenses are an excellent option for these individuals, but new patients  need some basic information to help them avoid some simple mistakes that are often made with these lenses. Double Check The Lenses Before Putting Them In Your Eye When you are putting in your contact lenses, you will want to take a moment to ensure that you are using the right lenses for each eye, and you will also want to inspect the lenses for potential signs of damage or wear. Read More 

How Can An Optometrist Help With Anisometropia?

4 March 2021
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You or your child could have anisometropia and not know about it until it becomes severe. This condition could lead to more complicated conditions like amblyopia or strabismus if not caught early. An optometrist can diagnose and correct this issue before it becomes a big problem. Here is more information about anisometropia, how it is diagnosed, and how your optometrist can help. What Is Anisometropia? Anisometropia is an eye condition where one eye has a significantly different refractive power than the others. Read More